Monday, November 7, 2011

Love and Miss You

Sorry, I have been MIA the last few weeks,  I have had a very sad 10 days,  and I am going to need some time for myself and family.. 1st my dads had to have heart surgery which was a bit scary qnd I went to WV for that, but then he started doing well within a couple of days and right now health wise doing VERY well,.. a few days after I got there I got a phone call my grandma was taken to the hospital, then on Oct. 24th my grandma passed away due to a split/torn aorta.. I came home Thursday for my Grandmother's funeral Friday and then Friday night I got a phone call from my dad, that my step mom had been admitting in the hospital,  this is a very long story and right now I just can't go into it, it is a little much for me to handle as I had just spent a whole week with her and had no idea....., so back to WV I went, her brain had been damaged to far for recovery.  She was on life support up until early Wed Nov 1st, around 2:30am, and passed away a little before 3am,  My dad will be moving in with me here in the next 2/3 weeks sometime after he takes care of his affairs and hers, and I will be going back and forth from home and WV...  So I will be extremely busy, and I am just a bit overwhelmed with all of the events taking place around me, but my FileKutz is and always has been a release for me, but I can't say how much or when I will be online..  Some of the DT ladies will still hold challenges and I will send them as I can.. but please don't expect to much from me for a few weeks.  I will not be keeping up with the forum, or all of the blogs right now.. as much as I usually do, and that will be it for awhile, unless I get a chance or just need a escape.  Anyone who participated in the last challenge, you all will get a free file please just allow me till after Thanksgiving to get it to you, then send me an email with your request.  A few of the FileKutz's DT Members may hold a challenge here, so watch for those :)
My Grandma: Estella  

My Step-Mom: Linda

I really Miss and Love you both so much, Love ~LisaJane~

I am going to try and add the last thing I was working on "October/November Bi-Monthly Grab Bag to the store.. so I will post on the FileKutz Blog if I get it up soon. am sorry for those who already signed up that I had not gotten it up last week :(, I am just having my life turned upside down right now.  But it does have some super cute files in it for your halloween pages, fall and thanksgiving.  It contains 16 files for $7.00.

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  1. so sorry to read of your harrowing weeks Lisa, I am thinking of you and sending you a huge cyber hug xxooxx